6 Advantages of Using a Car Sunshade All the Time

A sunshade is works by reducing the overall temperature inside your car by reflecting the sun’s rays of light.

How does a car window cover help your vehicle survive the hot Australian sun? This simple cover may not look like much, but it’s a windscreen sunshade that offers a ton of benefits. Dressing your car in the correct sized window sox can lower your car’s interior temperature by up to 30 degrees Celsius. That’s quite neat.

Of course, we are not saying that it will feel like you’re climbing into a refrigerator when you get to your car. However, a humble car window shades can help prevent your vehicle from becoming scalding. Summer is creeping up again, so it makes sense to use a window cover to keep your car cooler without worrying about the costs.

Plus, you reap additional benefits that you may or may not expect. Here are six advantages of using a car sunshade, whether in the summer or winter:


1. Car Window Covers Help Maintain the Car’s Interiors

When the car is new, the dashboard, console, and seats make the car aesthetically pleasing. However, these parts of your car’s interior do not last forever, especially if you do not take good care of them. When exposed to high temperatures daily, your dashboard, seats, and console can crack, melt, and even emit foul odours. That’s just the effect of high heat and humidity, which is hard to combat in Perth.

More than just an appearance issue, faded and melted dashboards can be dangerous. They can become shiny, creating a glare on the windscreen, which then impairs the vision of the driver. The odour from the cracked leather seats can also make everyone in the car sick.

Excessive heat and UV rays can quickly deteriorate your car’s interior. But that’s easily preventable by parking in a shaded spot and using window sox at all times.


2. Your Car Feels Cooler

No one wants to be in a hot car. It’s not only uncomfortable but also a significant hazard, especially in WA, where it’s a year-round threat to drivers, children, and pets. Not to be grim, but 10 children reportedly died in hot cars over the past five years. Every year, about 5,000 kids are rescued from hot cars.

Vehicles tend to rise in temperature each hour. Closed cars get hot within several minutes because sunlight heats the interiors, including the steering wheel, upholstery, and dash. These parts radiate the heat, causing the ambient temperature to increase inside the vehicle.

Partly opening your windows is not enough. Window sox will make the car’s interior feel cooler and more comfortable. The cover insulates the windscreen, which is also beneficial during wintertime.


3. Protect Your Children and Pets from the Sun’s Harmful UV Rays and Excessive Heat with a Car Window Cover

In 2012, about 96.1% of melanoma cancers (skin cancers) in Australia were a result of ultraviolet radiation. Melanoma is a rare type of skin cancer but is considered the deadliest. Its development is attributable to severe exposure to harmful UV rays, particularly at a very early age.

Have you ever felt like you’re burning up whilst sitting on your car’s sunny side? That’s because you’re being bombarded by UV rays (UVA in particular).

Car glass, though, has advanced over the years and now can block UVB rays. However, it still does not stop UVA rays. Some windscreens are treated with anti-UVA shields, but it does not apply to all windows. The sunroof, back, and side windows typically do not have the same treatment. That means you, your kids, and your pets may be exposed to the sun shining through the glass inside the car.

You can combat skin cancer and dangerous sun rays with quality car window covers. Ensure that the cover is suitable for your vehicle so that it fits the windows well.

Ensure that the cover is suitable for your vehicle so that it fits the windows well.


4. Window Sox Can Help Prevent the Steering Wheel from Becoming Too Hot to Touch

The sun increases the car’s temperature, resulting in the interior getting hotter, including the steering wheel. It also happens due to the centre or internal parts of the steering wheel getting too hot. The heat comes from the wired areas of the vehicle, which tells you there might be something wrong with the car’s electricity. For the most part, rewiring can repair this issue.

However, the problem with rewiring is that your steering wheel can still overheat, particularly during the unforgiving Perth summers. So, here’s the easiest fix that you may not have thought of – and no, it does not involve pouring water on your steering wheel. Use a sunshade. It’s the simplest, most affordable solution that keeps your steering wheel and car cool even when it’s hot outside.


5. Tinted Windows Help Prevent Thieves from Seeing Possessions That You Leave in the Car

One benefit of having tinted windows is that they help block UV rays whilst preserving your interior. Aside from that, you increase your privacy since it is much more difficult for other people to see inside the car. Suppose you plan to leave some possessions when you go to the mall, restaurants, or other establishments. In that case, you certainly do not want other people to see what you have left behind. In that case, you need to install window sox for increased privacy and protection.

However, don’t get too excited because there are some window tinting laws you should know first. The rules depend on your location. In WA, the upper 10% of windscreens can be tinted, whilst the front side windows should have more than 35% Visible Light Transmission (VLT), meaning the percentage of light coming through the windows of your car. Therefore, you can tint the front side windows by up to 65%. Back side and rear windows can be tinted by up to 80%.


6. Travel Comfortably

We all want to enjoy a comfortable car ride, especially during summer. Every road trip involves a lot of time sitting in the car, and that’s why installing a car sunshade before your journey on the open road is essential.

Window sox can keep the steering wheel cool to the touch and easy for you to grip. You also don’t have to worry about the whole interior, which will not get hot even when you park in the sun. The seats and dashboard stay at a bearable temperature, so everyone sits comfortably and simply enjoys the ride.


Do Sunshades Work?

If you haven’t used sunshades before, you should now. Trust what other drivers are saying. These things are a must, whether you drive for hours or go out and about every once in a while. Window sox will help protect the beauty of your car’s interior, so everything lasts longer with no fading and cracking.

Sunshades are often highly reflective on the outside. They are designed to fill the whole window, effectively reducing the overall temperature in the car by up to 30 degrees. Make sure that the windscreen cover fits and that all areas are shielded. The cover works better when no light enters the vehicle to prevent it from turning into heat.

Sunshades are often highly reflective on the outside.


When Should I Use a Sunshade?

The name “sunshade” is a bit of a misnomer, which is why some prefer to call it a car window cover instead. Sunshades are not something you whip out when it is hot outside. You can use it all year round, even during the winter.

We have already explained why sunshades are great when the sun gets too hot. From protecting your vehicle to yourself and the passengers, these window covers are essential in keeping everyone comfortable. Plus, they also ensure that your car is cooler and more comfortable, even during long journeys.

So, what about during winter? Winters in WA are relatively cool and wet. The temperatures can go from 8 to 19 degrees Celsius. Window sox can work to insulate your car, so hot air from the engine stays inside whilst cold air escapes. And when you don’t need the window cover, you can quickly fold and store it.

Are you looking for window covers that fit your car? You’re in the right place. Check out our window sox sunshades designed to keep your car cool and your passengers comfy.