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Transmission Console Cover

Protects the console from unsightly scratches and allows for storage of items
such as your phone, iPad, CB Radio hand control, pen, USB drive, keys and business cards.

The transmission console in your SUV or truck can handle a lot of wear and tear. But surely, you do not want to wait until it gets damaged. Here is the cost-effective solution you have been waiting for: console covers from Shevron.

Also known as a caddy, the cover not only protects the console but also add comfort. They are easy to use, soft, and made to fit the centre console. You can count on the console cover to be durable, readily withstanding daily abuse.

The covers can also be used to store your iPhone or iPad. You can put your CB Radio hand control in it as well. Smaller items are all welcome, including pens, keys, and cards. They also come with cut-outs, so you can continue using 4WD or transmission selectors and even USB ports.

We support different manufacturers, such as Chrysler, Dacia, Cadillac, Buick, BMW, Audi, and Alfa Romeo. Simply select the make and model, along with the body type to find the best match for your console. The covers can be used over transmission console armrest lid. They take the shape of your existing console, fitting snugly.

Shevron Console Covers are a testament that you can mix style and protection, and the combination can work well successfully.

With the same quality, reliability and service you have come to expect from all Shevron Auto Accessories the Dash Mate range will continue to meet or exceed customer expectations.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer and After Market preferred supplier for many of the Australian market vehicle manufacturers, Shevron Auto Accessories are a trusted partner to the “Australian Automotive Aftermarket”.

Manufactured, designed and distributed from our facility in Welshpool, Western Australia, Shevron Auto Accessories have been at the forefront of passenger and commercial vehicle protection since 1988. With national and international distribution capability and expert support staff Shevron Auto Accessories look forward to the next thirty years.

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