A Guide to Buying Seat Covers


Car seat covers offer comfort and even improve the appearance of the vehicle’s interior. Aside from their convenience, these covers efficiently protect the seats from anything, including wear and tear, spills, and UV damage. You can save money on repair costs while helping retain your car’s maximum resale value.

But just like buying a car, finding the perfect seat cover is not always easy. You cannot simply walk into an auto parts store and purchase the first car seat covers you see. Some factors, such as your budget and materials used, should be considered before you equip your car with seat covers.


How Much is Your Budget?

Before you go out and shop for a seat cover, the first thing you need to do is determine your budget. Seat covers are not cheap, but that does not mean you should break the bank for them. Some people do not want to spend too much on them because they are not essential, although valuable for the vehicle.

The price varies depending on the material, quality, and other features. Decide on what you deem necessary to help you figure out how much of your budget should be allocated for the product. Shop around to find the best deal before you settle for seat covers. For affordable prices, check out our selection of car seat covers, ranging from $235 to $335 only.


What Material Should You Choose?

The material used for the seat cover is critical, and you have a ton of good options, including:

  • Leather: You get decent protection that lasts for a long time when cared for properly. Leather car seat covers look elegant and feel luxurious. However, if you live in Perth, you will find that the covers can get hot, especially during summer. They also cannot absorb liquids, unlike other materials.
  • Suede: If you’re looking for an affordable car seat cover, suede is one of your best choices. It’s highly durable and even offers UV protection. You get your money’s worth with this material. However, some people find sitting on suede a little bit uncomfortable.
  • Neoprene: This material is the same one used in wetsuits. Therefore, if you drive with kids or spill liquids frequently, neoprene may be ideal. It’s exceptionally waterproof and an excellent choice for long, off-road drives. It looks sporty, as well. A downside here, though, is that the material does not let the seat breathe.
  • Sheepskin: If leather is not luxurious enough for you, try sheepskin. It is quite expensive, but oh so comfortable. You’ll forget you paid an enormous price after you sit on it. Unfortunately, we don’t recommend it for Perth drivers, except during winter or if you’re in colder climates.
  • Saddle Blanket: Also suitable for winter with a Western look, a saddle blanket offers warmth and comfort during the cold season. It’s also quite durable. An issue with this material is that it is not widely available for all car seats.
  • Velour: Velour covers are made from cotton or polyester with a similar feel to velvet. The material is exceptionally comfortable and stylish but not water-resistant.
  • Canvas: This fabric is quite popular, especially for those with active lifestyles. It’s hard-wearing and can resist water and mud splashes. Aside from durability, it’s also attractive and comfortable. It fits snugly, ensuring no unsightly wrinkling and bunching, which happens to other materials.

We always recommend that you do thorough research before picking your car seat material. Determine your driving habits, the people who use the car with you, and the weather conditions in your area.

Seat Mate car seat cover.


Universal vs Custom-Made Options

You can never go wrong with a universal seat cover for your car. If you want a quicker and more convenient way to shop, this is the route to take. You still need to have your vehicle information, including its make, model, and year to see if the cover you’re planning to acquire is compatible with your car.

For the ultimate seat cover, select a custom-made fitted cover. It’s more expensive than universal covers, but you will get a tighter and better fit for the seats. Additionally, you can select from a great number of varieties when it comes to texture, colour, and pattern. You can even buy covers designed specifically for your needs, whether you often travel with children and pets or have built-in screens, headrests, airbags, and armrests. There is no limit to a custom-made cover – except perhaps your budget.

Whether you select a universal or custom-made cover, don’t forget about your airbags. If you have side airbags, ensure that the cover will “burst” without impedance in the event you need the airbags. In other cases, the cover has an open space for easy deployment.


How to Fit and Maintain Car Seat Covers

Once you have found the seat covers you like and they are compatible with your vehicle, it’s time to install them. Always read the instructions before placing the seat covers. Then, make sure you put them on the correct seat. Usually, they are labelled “left” or “right” so you know which side they go. Attach ties and straps, which are often located under the seats. The covers should fit snugly and securely.

Maintenance differs depending on the material of your seat cover. Most of the time, simple wiping and dusting will do. However, some fabrics call for a special cleaning product in case of stains. For example, leather seat covers are more delicate than canvas and neoprene. You will need a specific agent to remove blemishes.

Seat Mate car seat cover.


The Shevron Range of Seat Covers

Here at Shevron, we offer the most comprehensive range of seat covers you can find online. Shop at our store, where we offer seat covers compatible for vehicles with our wide side airbags. Simply choose your car manufacturer from the dropdown list on this page, and you will have all the available options in one place. We have covers for Ford, Mercedes, Isuzu, Hyundai, Nissan, Kia, and many more.

If you require more information or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our helpful staff at (08) 9451 4155.