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From cracks and fading with a moulded dashboard cover with products made in Australia


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The Dash Mats are made from Ultimat®, an advanced fabric designed to hold the moulded shape of any dashboard, without the need for a hard backing. This scientifically developed fabric breathes, preventing moisture build-up between the dashboard and the dash mat, it also absorbs vapours that are emitted from the vinyl of the dashboard and cause discolouration if left trapped underneath the mat.

This innovative product protects your dashboard from fading and drying out in the sun, which leads to cracking and peeling, and reduces the harsh glare from the sun.

Dash Mats are available for most passenger vehicles, utilities, 4WDs, and commercial vehicles in black or coal (grey) and come with Shevron Auto Accessories Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer and After Market preferred supplier for many of the Australian market vehicle manufacturers, Shevron Auto Accessories are a trusted partner to the “Australian Automotive Aftermarket”.

With the same quality, reliability and service you have come to expect from all Shevron Auto Accessories the Dash Mate range will continue to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Manufactured, designed and distributed from our facility in Welshpool, Western Australia, Shevron Auto Accessories have been at the forefront of passenger and commercial vehicle protection since 1988. With national and international distribution capability and expert support staff Shevron Auto Accessories look forward to the next thirty years.


A: Depending on the type of dashboard cover have, installing a dashboard cover on your car can vary. You can simply place some covers on top of the dashboard, while with others, you may need to use adhesive strips or clips to secure them.
A: A dashboard cover protects your dashboard from UV rays, which can brighten your exterior and cause the material on your dashboard to crack. They also help cover up existing damage from the sun and prevent stains from food and beverages.
A: A dashboard cover not only protects your dashboard from UV rays but also improves the appearance of the inside of your vehicle. This is because they are available in a variety of colors and styles to fit your personal preferences.
A: To keep your dashboard cover looking great, start by giving it a good vacuuming. If you need to remove a stain, such as a spilled drink, try using warm water. Avoid using chemical cleaners as they can damage the material of the cover.

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