Bug Screens

Our heavy duty insect screens protect your radiator at all times. All are made in Australia from high-quality materials.


These multi-fit reusable insect screens are the perfect solution to prevent your vehicle’s radiator from getting blocked and overheated.
Available in 4 sizes to suit cars, 4WDs and commercial vehicles.

Insect screens are a cost-effective way to protect your radiator from insects, locusts, bugs and grasses.



65 x 50 cm


85 x 50 cm


100 x 51 cm


100 x 60 cm

Easy To Install!

Simply measure the area you need to protect and match with one of 4 sizes. It’s that easy.

As an original equipment manufacturer and after market preferred supplier for many of the Australian market vehicle manufacturers, Shevron Auto Accessories are a trusted partner to the Australian automotive market.

With the same quality, reliability and service you have come to expect from all Shevron Auto Accessories products, our bug screens will continue to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Manufactured, designed and distributed from our facility in Welshpool, Western Australia, Shevron Auto Accessories have been at the forefront of passenger and commercial vehicle protection since 1988.

With national and international distribution capability and expert support staff, Shevron Auto Accessories look forward to the next thirty years.


A: The processes of installing bug screens vary depending on the vehicle. Most cars, however, require the screen to be attached to the front grille with clips or adhesive strips. As you install your bug screens, make sure to always follow the manufacturer’s guidance.
A: Installing a bug screen on your vehicle helps keep insects and dirt from clogging your radiator, lowering the danger of overheating and engine damage. It can also help preserve your vehicle’s paint from bug splatter stains and chips.
A: Insects and bugs that get into your car’s radiator can accumulate and obstruct airflow. This reduces your engine’s cooling capacity. If you do not handle this issue, this can lead to overheating and engine damage.
A: The cleaning and maintenance needs for a car’s bug screen vary based on the material utilized. Generally, you are required to rinse the screen with a hose or pressure washer regularly to get rid of any trapped dirt or insects. For more specialized cleaning, however, consult a professional or follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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