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Every driver is unique, but one thing is for sure: everyone wants to make sure their car is aesthetically pleasing and functional. Shop for quality Kia auto accessories that work cohesively with your vehicle. From Sportage to Seltos to Picanto, you can find protective accessories for virtually any Kia model here at Shevron.


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Our Range of Auto Accessories Products for Kia Cars

Keep your Kia looking good as new for years to come with Shevron. We have everything you need to care for and maintain your car’s interior. Our range of Kia accessories has been designed and tested to withstand wear and tear from daily use and the daily impacts of WA’s climate.

The Window Sox Sun Shades are sun visors that block a significant portion of UV rays so they do not damage your car’s interior. Use these shades with our dashboard cover that can also help keep your car cooler so you drive more comfortably, even during the summer. Don’t forget to take a look at our seat covers. Seat Mate effectively protects the original upholstery of your vehicle’s seats whilst enhancing their comfort.

Experience enhanced levels of protection for your seats, consoles, and dashboards. Get the peace of mind that comes with our premium quality products. Don’t miss the chance to give your Kia car the TLC it deserves. Shop our accessories today!

Elevate your driving experience with innovative car accessories. Here at Shevron, we have a wide range of accessories from a variety of makes and models, such as Kia Rio, Kia Carnival, and Kia Carens, to boost your car’s performance and protection. Designed in parallel with your car’s model, the accessories can be integrated effortlessly like genuine parts without a hefty price tag.

All products are crafted to meet safety standards to ensure they are up to the task and will last longer than your average accessories. On top of that, we have a friendly support team that will help you in getting the most value and functionality from your Kia accessories.

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