Window Sox Protects Your Passengers

Window Sox Protects Your Passengers

Soaking in the sunshine on a gorgeous Australian afternoon is lovely. However, sweltering inside your car because the sun beats down on you while in traffic is anything but pleasant.

Unrelenting sun glare and heat are especially uncomfortable for those sitting in the back seat of a car. Even with your car air conditioning running, the heat for rear-seat passengers can become overwhelming.

Shevron developed the Window Sox car window shades specifically to address this common problem.


Why Shevron Window Sox?

While there are several ways to try and protect the passengers in the back of your vehicle, many techniques are not practical or useful. Here are examples of how Window Sox are superior to three popular methods to block the Australian sun.


1. How Window Sox Are Superior To Tinting Windows

  • Price – While tinting windows is a popular solution to incessant sunlight, the practice is costly.
  • Tint Rating – The acceptable rating for window tints varies throughout the states and territories of Australia.
  • Legal Considerations – The driver of the vehicle is responsible for the percentage of window tint even if the car’s tinting was at an acceptable level in a different area.
  • Available on a Range of Makes and Models – Windox Sox are designed in many shapes and sizes. A range of vehicles (including small, luxury, SUV, sedan and more) have a model designed specifically for the windows on those cars.


2. Window Sox Are More Effective Than Blackout Shades

  • Coverage – Blackout auto window shades do not conform to your car windows. The size and shape of the shade you purchase will determine your coverage. Depending on your vehicle, you could experience significant gaps in coverage that allows sunlight to beat down on passengers.
  • View – Whatever amount of area a blackout shade covers, also prevents passengers from looking out the window.
  • Window Use – Because the blackout shade is attached to the window with suction cups, passengers in the rear must remove the shade if they want to open the window. By doing this, they defeat the purpose of the shade.


3. Window Sox Are Safer Than Mesh Window Shades

  • Detachable – As with blackout shades, mesh sunshades use suction cups or Velcro to hold them in place. If the passengers in your back seat are young children, they could easily remove the shade. This defeats the purpose of putting up a window shade in your car. Additionally, loose suction cups are a significant choking hazard to young children or pets.
  • Fit – A mesh window shade cannot cover all of most car windows. Generally, there will be a gap where the sun is not blocked, and passengers are unprotected.
  • Air – When a mesh window shade is attached to a window, the window must remain shut. This can be especially troubling for pet owners whose dogs require fresh air to prevent car sickness.

There is no comparison among the popular ways to reduce sun on back seat passengers. Shevron Window Sox are easy to install, protect your passengers from extreme heat, and allow your passengers to open the windows.