Top Accessories to Buy for Your Car Interiors

Dash cameras are very useful as they provide footage in case of accidents.

From protection to comfort to beautifying your interiors, here are best accessories that you should have for your vehicle:

1. Car Dash Cam

Dashboard cameras are considered one of the cool accessories for vehicles since they were introduced. But more than being cool is the fact that these small digital cameras can be quite useful. Some drivers utilise these cameras to shoot their journey from the time their car starts. However, most car owners invest in dashcams to protect themselves. While your car dash camera will not protect you physically, it helps ensure road safety by providing vital footage in case of accidents.


2. Phone Car Mount

No matter where you are in Australia (and most countries, actually), it is illegal to use your phone while driving. That means you cannot take the steering wheel while talking or texting someone, browsing the Internet, or playing games. The only time you can hold a phone is when you’re going to pass it to someone else in the car. Nevertheless, the law allows you to touch your phone to either receive or end a call. This exception applies to drivers with a mobile phone mount.

Many types of phone mounts are available today. The most popular ones include magnetic phone holders and those with extra features, such as charging and Bluetooth handsfree kits. Having a phone mount allows you to touch your phone while driving, so you can play music or answer a phone call.

Having a phone mount allows you to use your phone hands-free while driving.


3. Hand Vacuum

While a hand vacuum will not make your car look more attractive on its own, this piece of equipment is necessary to keep the interiors clean on the go. Your vehicle goes through serious heavy usage on a regular basis. People come in and out of the car, carrying dirt and leaving it there. A hand vacuum’s cyclonic action keeps the filters tidy while also removing dirt on the surfaces through suction.

Pick a hand vacuum with a narrow nozzle so that you can easily reach all nooks and crannies in the car’s interior. It’s handy, usually powered by lithium batteries that last for a long time. Pick one that is rechargeable, so you do not need to keep buying batteries.


4. Car Seatbelt Cutter and Window Glass Breaker

No one wants to be in the middle of an emergency situation. However, it is the reality of life. The best way to confront any circumstance is to be prepared for it. When in an accident, you could get stuck because your car doors would not budge. This is when a window glass breaker is useful.

If you cannot get out of the seatbelt, you can use a seatbelt cutter to deal with the problem. These two can go hand in hand if you ever find yourself in a dangerous event. As simple as these tools may be, they can save your life in case you need to escape, but the windows or doors are jammed.


5. Dash Cover

Do you still drive around worrying about the harsh glare and heat from the sun? Many car owners use towels or rags to cover the dash area. But there is an even better solution: a dash cover. Here at Shevron Auto Accessories, we have the best dash covers you can find. We have spent years of research and continue to do so to find the best materials, ideal texture, and insulation for the dashboard of your vehicle.

Dash Mate is designed for cars and car owners. Our dashboard covers can help reduce glare and heat build-up while also protecting your dashboard from scratches and signs of wear. All Shevron products are stylish with a quality finish, further enhancing the look of your vehicle’s interior.


6. Seat Covers

You may have seen it happen to your mates. Their car seats start to crack, stain, and even emit bad smells. It gets worse with sun damage over time. If you have pets, kids, and other passengers regularly in the car, you have to deal with liquid spills, hair, and sweat. All this funky stuff should be out of your vehicle so that driving becomes more enjoyable, not just for you but everyone in the vehicle.

Our seat cover, Seat Mate, is not your ordinary product. Unlike the others in the market, our seat covers are designed specifically for your car. Some products offer universal sizes, which, of course, work at times. However, if you want the best fitment possible, then Shevron’s Seat Mate seat covers are for you.

Once again, our products are stylish and sure to suit your taste. You can find a few variations of colours and material options, including fabric and canvas.

Seat covers protects your car seats from wear and tear.


7. Console Insert

Many Australians complain about losing their coins, sunglasses, wallets, keys, or any other items. Here’s an easy and efficient solution that will help you with the organisation. A console side pocket lets you keep your loose change and other things that often go missing because you forget where you left them. You can even find a console insert that holds an extra coffee cup, phone, and sunglasses.


Our vehicles are substantial investments. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure they are in top condition as much as possible. Having car interior accessories can help make long drives more pleasant. With the abundance of options today, you can easily pick the best accessories that directly meet your needs.