5 Easy Tips to Make Your Car Last Longer

Easy Tips to Make Your Car Last Longer

In this blog, we cover easy tips that can make your car last much longer. From maintenance to simple additions, we cover quick ways you can increase the longevity of your car and avoid the high costs of fixing or even replacing a worn-down car.


Easy Tips to Make Your Car Last Longer


1. Maintain Your Car’s Battery

Proper battery maintenance is crucial if you want to keep your car last longer. A healthy, properly maintained battery ensures that you can start your engine right properly and provides power to all of the electrical components of your car.

Neglecting your car battery can lead to a wide variety of problems that will reduce the overall lifespan of your vehicle.

Improper battery care can lead to battery corrosion. Battery corrosion can impact your car is given power and results in poor electrical connections. This can ruin your battery’s overall performance, cause issues in starting your vehicle, can kill your battery in its entirety or even cause a fire hazard.

Neglecting battery maintenance leads to a higher chance of having a dead battery. In practice, this could be the difference maker in whether or not you could get stuck stranded in the middle of the road while you are out in your routine.


2. Routinely Check Your Tires and Tire Pressure

Having properly maintained tires is important not just for your car’s on-road performance but its longevity as well. Properly maintained tire pressure ensures you keep a smooth ride on the road and also prevents you from having under-inflated tires.

Underinflation and low tire pressure can result in increased tire friction; this causes the rubber to wear and heat up faster (increasing the risk of total failure), and can also result in worse handling and stability on the road, which increases the likelihood of accidents and potential damage to your car.

On the other hand, over-inflated tires also come without an assortment of issues. Over-inflated tires can reduce traction, which makes your car harder to control, especially in wet or slippery conditions. This also increases the chances of accidents and potential damage to your car, shortening its lifespan in the process.

Keep an eye out on your car tire’s pressure, as well as its condition. From signs of wear, cracks, punctures, etc. You need to be on top of things and be ready to have them inspected as soon as possible to prevent any further damage to your car.

Routinely Check Your Tires and Tire Pressure


3. Install Dashboard Covers

Dashboard covers are essential for the protection of your dashboard. They will protect your car from unnecessary wear and tear from daily use. It will resist stains and dust particles that can make your dashboard look dirty and unattractive.

A cover for a car dashboard is designed to withstand various elements such as sunlight, dirt, water, moisture, and damage. It also protects your dashboard from being scratched, which can impair the performance of all electronic components in the vehicle.

At Shevron, we offer dashboard covers for a wide variety of vehicle make, model and body type. These dashboard covers can be quickly installed for your car, making them an easy investment for the long-term protection of your car.


4. Keep Up With Regular Oil Changes

Without regular changes, the oil in your engine can build up dirt, debris and other particles contaminating the insides of your car. When this happens, you risk damage to your car’s engine and increase the chances of your vehicle having a much shorter lifespan. For this reason, regular changes of at least twice a year (once every 6 months) or every 5,000 to 10,000km.

When you have an oil change, the oil in your car (which has debris particles built up inside of it) gets drained out and is replaced with new, clean oil that is clear of any particles that can damage your car. This ensures that your engine is properly lubricated, and continues working with oil free of any dirt or debris that isn’t going to damage its insides.

Be sure to also consult a professional or refer to the manual or manufacturer’s recommendation for your specific car to know the best practice of oil change for your specific vehicle. This ensures that you continue to keep your engine in top shape and keep your car’s longevity as a result.

Keep Up With Regular Oil Changes


5. Use Sun Shades to Protect Your Car From Overexposure to the Sun

Exposure to the sun’s UV rays has notable negative impacts on your vehicle. Direct exposure to UV rays can fade your car’s colours, and prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to overheating which can warp your car’s interiors like your dashboard or damage your car’s finish and seats.

Using car window shades, you can protect your car from the sun’s exposure. Sun shades reduce glare off windows as you drive, are easy to install, and can be adjusted to fit in most cars. With it, you can minimise the impact of the sun’s UV rays and can keep your car protected for years to come.


Key Takeaways

By following these five easy tips, you can keep your car in reasonable condition without any worry. For more vehicle protection accessories to protect your car, check out our shop for a wide range of dashboard covers, sun shades, bug screens and more.