Tesla Model 3’s Most Essential Accessories

Tesla Model 3 accessories

It’s been well over five years since Tesla began production of the Model 3. With potentially hundreds of thousands of Model 3s on the road, the aftermarket accessory sector has significantly expanded. This comes as an advantage to many Model 3 owners, since the manufacturer likes to keep things simple with an attractive minimalist style that’s not always convenient.

As such, upgrading your Tesla Model 3 with this list of must-have accessories can help bridge this gap and help you get the most out of your Tesla Model 3.



Tesla is always innovating, sometimes in ways that leave rival companies wondering why they didn’t think of it first.

The onboard cameras might be used as dashcams to capture the environment immediately around the car. While the hardware (the cameras) was previously present, Tesla enabled the function to vehicles manufactured after July 31, 2017, and is continuously improving it through software upgrades.

It’s quite easy to get started with the settings menu in a Tesla, and all owners need to do is attach a USB storage device to one of the vehicle’s USB ports.

The Sentry Mode in Tesla vehicles is equipped with more than just a surveillance camera. The function employs the camera and other sensors in the car to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. As soon as someone leans on your vehicle, a “recording” notification will appear on the dashboard, and you’ll be notified via your phone as the car saves the recording.

While the onboard cameras are convenient enough, they still fall behind in terms of quality. If you’re looking to unlock all these features in higher resolution, you should consider getting an aftermarket product.


Swivel Kit

Have you had enough of having to squint or stretch to access the right half of your central display? Do you wish you could turn it, so your passenger could use it as a guide, watch a movie or play a game while it charges? The swivel kit allows the screen to face either the driver or the passenger, providing several useful advantages.

After installing the swivel Kit, you can tilt the screen to whatever position you want by simply turning it with your hands. As you adjust the screen’s angle, its mechanism keeps it fixed.

The screen’s position can be changed quickly and effortlessly at any moment. The kit is easy to install, and the original screen can easily be removed and reconnected without any additional wiring.


Screen Protectors

Scratches on dashboard displays are common and may either be just annoying, especially when the sun is shining directly toward the screen or can completely obscure your view of the information being shown.

Fortunately, safeguarding these displays from potential damage caused by hanging keys, bracelets, and other large or sharp items is simple and affordable with screen protectors. Furthermore, certain shields have anti-glare and anti-fingerprint qualities.

These protective films or screen protectors are well known for their durability, exceptional strength, and ability to keep dust and dirt away from your car’s display.


Dashboard Covers

One of the best ways to protect the inside of your car and keep it looking good is to install a dashboard cover. A dashboard cover will shield your dashboard from the sun’s rays, which may fade the colour of your exterior and cause the dashboard material to crack. They may hide preexisting sun damage and shield against food and drink stains.

We all know how annoying and costly even minor auto repairs and replacements can be. Even if they urgently need to, many people simply do not have the money on hand to purchase a new dashboard to replace one that is severely damaged, faded by the sun, or stained.

If your dashboard is damaged or worn out, a dashboard cover is an inexpensive way to give it a fresh new appearance without having to replace or lower your car’s market value.


Cup Holders

Morning commutes are typically accompanied by a hot beverage, such as coffee or tea, enjoyed in the car. When driving on bumpy roads, keeping your drinks secure in the vehicle can be difficult. Consequently, vehicle cup holders have become an important amenity for drivers.

Typically, high-grade plastic is used to make cup holders for cars since this material allows for a more robust design, greater resistance to spills, and a longer product life.


Front Trunk Covers

You should expect extreme-duty cargo protection and spatial coverage from the Tesla Model 3 front trunk cover, which is constructed from thermoplastic elastomer material with a strong core.

This cover was designed specifically to provide optimum protection for the trunk’s floor and quick and simple cleaning. Its unique design was tailored to the Model 3’s precise dimensions, which makes it just the right fit.


Wireless Charging Pad

Consider how nice it would be if your phone never died during a lengthy drive. To avoid the hassle of tangled connections, consider investing in a wireless vehicle charger.

As the name implies, a wireless charging pad allows you to charge your phone without requiring you to connect it to a power source physically. Since all wireless chargers are Qi-certified, this gives them universal compatibility and makes them one of the most convenient methods to top up your battery.

You can stop stressing about whether you have the correct cable or connection. Simply set it down on the charging mat is all that’s required.

Wireless chargers also have the additional benefit of being gentler on your phone’s battery. When using a standard charger, your phone is always connected to an electrical current, which might eventually weaken the battery.

On the other hand, wireless charging is easier on the battery since the phone is only in contact with an electrical current when it’s being charged. As such, wireless charging is a better and safer option for charging your phone while driving.


Aero Covers

The Aero Wheel Cap Kit is a stylish, modern, and sporty addition to any car. The sleek, snap-on extras consist of a single centre cap with integrated lug nut covers, revealing the eye-catching wheel design underneath.

The aero covers have been tested, and the results show that they do what they’re supposed to do: increase your range, making a noticeable difference in your everyday commute or on long trips.


Window Sox Sunshades

How can a simple piece of fine mesh protect your car from the intense heat of an Australian summer? Car window sunshades may not appear like much, but they may cut interior temperatures by as much as 30 degrees. That’s pretty cool, right?

We won’t tell you that your car will suddenly feel like a fridge the next time you get in, but this will help you avoid being scorched by your vehicle. Now that summer is approaching, one of the least expensive ways to keep your vehicle cooler is to use a sunshade.

The durable window sox sunshade reduces your vehicle’s interior temperature by reflecting away the sun’s harmful UV rays. Without it, your vehicle’s interior, including the seats and steering wheel, will absorb and trap the heat, which can cause numerous problems.

This is why reaching for your seatbelt might leave you with a little burn (and a jolting sensation). Here’s where a sunshade comes in handy; reflecting more sunlight means your car’s interior will stay cooler.