5 Reasons Why Dash Mats are Worth It

Dash Mate dash cover

You’ve probably heard of debates about dash mats. Should you get one for your car dash or just leave it as it is? For dash mat proponents, this car accessory is a must. It blocks ultraviolet damage, which helps give you the maximum resale value in case you want to sell the vehicle in the future. Dash mats are also your best friend against sun glare and scratches.

On the other hand, some people think that dash mats are not worth the expense. So, what’s the point of using a dash mat? In this blog post, we’re giving you five reasons why you should get a dash mat for your car.


1. Prevent Ultraviolet (UV) Damage

We all know that intense ultraviolet rays are damaging to the skin. But did you also know that UV exposure is not good for your car? UV rays can penetrate your windshield, which can ultimately cause fading of the car’s vibrant colours and paint. They can also lead to physical damage to the dash if left without protection over time.

That’s why you will often notice dashboards deteriorating quickly in sunny places or those with high temperatures. You can prevent this undesirable look by getting Dash Mate. It’s a specially designed dashboard cover moulds perfectly to your dashboard.


2. Protect the Dash From Other Types of Damage

If you are planning to sell your car, one of the first things that the prospective buyers will look at is the dashboard. That’s because the dashboard gives them a pretty good idea of how well you have taken care of the vehicle. Just like you, these potential buyers do not want to buy a car with a faded, cracked, or damaged dashboard. Don’t delay the protection that you can give to your vehicle. Use a dashboard cover, such as Dash Mate, which serves as a protective shield for the car’s dashboard.


Using a Dash Mate is one of the many ways to protect your vehicle's interior


3. Hide Blemishes

Many drivers do not realise that the dashboard takes a lot of heat – literally. It is actually one of the most overlooked parts of the car, and that is why it ends up looking old and worn faster than other parts. If you find that the dashboard already has ugly cracks and marks, there’s an affordable solution that you can turn to. Just install a dash mat, and those imperfections are effectively out of sight.

One huge concern with using a dash mat is that the cover does not look good. And for this particular reason, car owners would rather have a dashboard full of blemishes than use a dash mat. But here’s the good news. Dash Mate is attractive and even adds an upscale appearance to your dashboard. It’s unlike other mediocre products on the market these days that offer so-so protection and look hideous. Dash Mate fits your dashboard like a glove and comes in black and coal (or grey) colours.

Plus, the material can block UV rays efficiently, so you never have to worry about your dashboard becoming even more brittle.

Dash Mate dash cover close up.


4. Keep Your Car Cooler

Many car owners do not know that dash mats also help keep their cars cooler. But if you think about it, it truly makes sense. Your vehicle’s windshield is similar to a magnifying glass. With the sun shining on the windshield, heat can transfer quickly to the dashboard. So, when you’re driving, and it feels like the air conditioner does not work, as usual, it’s mostly because the dashboard is hot. You can probably cook on it – that’s how hot it gets.

Using a dash mat can prevent that heat transfer from happening. Dash Mate is a reliable dashboard cover that absorbs heat from the sun and the environment. That way, the high temperature in the vehicle effectively dissipates, so it does not permeate to the factory dashboard. It helps protect the dash, so it does not fall apart. If you wait too long to cover the dashboard, you could end up with a damaged dash, which may require replacing. Instead of that expensive option, install an affordable dash mat.

5. Reduce Glare

Sure, not every vehicle has a windshield glare problem. It all depends on the windshield and how the dash is originally designed. But if yours suffers from windshield glare, it is not fun to drive, to say the least. It’s annoying when you have to keep shielding your eyes from the sun glare. You can wear sunglasses, but sometimes, it is not enough. There may also be times when you do not want to wear sunglasses.

Dash mats are the permanent solution for windshield glare. It’s exactly what you are looking for if you are having trouble with the dazzling sun. Dash Mate is the perfect choice against glare. It has darker colours (black and grey), which are known to absorb light rather than reflect it.

Dash mats are worth buying. They are easy to install and use. They are safe to stick on your dashboard and will not ruin it. If you ever want to remove the dash cover, simply peel it off. There will be some sticky residue, which you can remove with just a bit of rubbing alcohol.