Products To Protect Your Babies And Young Children From UV Exposure

Products To Protect Your Babies And Young Children From UV Exposure

There are few, if any, responsibilities that surpass caring for and protecting your child. From infancy on, your little ones look to you to meet their needs and keep them safe.

Many parents are not aware of the importance of keeping their babies and toddlers safe from exposure to the sun and its UV rays. Safeguarding children from the harmful impact of the sun’s ultraviolet rays can make a world of difference.


How Much Sun Exposure Is Too Much Sun Exposure?

While altogether avoiding sunshine is not a good idea, working to limit their children’s UV ray exposure should be a priority of all parents.

  • Children under 12 months of age should not have exposure to direct sunlight when UV ray levels are three or above. It is worth noting that this applies all year long. UV rays reach us even on cloudy days in the middle of winter.
  • Children under the age of 15 should have limited exposure to UV rays. Early exposure dramatically increases the chance of your child developing skin cancer later in life.


What Products Can Help Protect My Children From Uv Rays?

One of the safest ways to safeguard your little ones from harmful UV rays is by blocking the rays. Infant and toddlers’ tender skin readily absorbs sunscreen, so its use should be limited.

  • Clothing- Using protective clothing to keep the sun away from delicate skin is helpful, but can also be uncomfortable in extreme temperatures.
  • Mobi-shade – The line of Mobi-Shade products is ideal for protecting even the youngest infants from harmful UV rays. The mesh covers are breathable to keep your little one comfortable, and they are UV resistant to protect your child’s delicate skin. There are a range of Mobi-Shade products to safeguard your children including:
    • Pram Covers
    • Twin Stroller Shade
    • Porta Cot Shade
  • Window Sox – Using the Window Sox covers over your rear windows will protect your child by absorbing 80 per cent of the sun’s UV rays before they can burn your child’s skin. Window Sox also permit open windows so you can enjoy the fresh air while safeguarding your little one.

By using a few helpful products, you can keep your child safe from sunburns and future skin diseases.