How To Keep Your Car Cool Without AC

Our summers here in Perth are hot enough, but the inside of your car can get even hotter.

Fortunately, there are simple ways to keep a car cool without AC, from using a sun shade to opening the windows and parking in the shade. 

Here are our best tips and tricks on how to keep your car cool without AC.


10 Ways to Keep Your Car Cool Without AC

  1. Use a Sunshade
  2. Stay Hydrated with Cold Beverages
  3. Place Ice Packs in Front of Vents
  4. Cover Your Steering Wheel and Dash
  5. Open the Windows
  6. Choose Shady Parking Areas
  7. Consider the Sun’s Orientation
  8. Drive During Cooler Times of Day
  9. Use the Car Doors as Fans
  10. Buy a Dashboard Fan


1. Use a Sunshade

Our top recommendation for keeping a car cool without AC is using a sun shade.

Sun shades block UV rays and minimise how much direct sunlight enters your car, keeping it cooler.

Window Sox Sun Shades block over 80% of the sun’s UV rays, providing an effective way to keep a car cooler without AC. They also install easily and still allow the windows to open to allow airflow.


2. Stay Hydrated With Cold Beverages

Sipping a cold beverage, such as ice water or iced tea, can help your body regulate its temperature and help you feel cooler. Insulated thermoses are excellent for keeping beverages colder for longer, even in a hot car.


3. Place Ice Packs in Front of Vents

Here’s one of our favourite hacks for how to keep a car cool without AC: Ice packs.

Here are some different ways to use an ice pack or cold cloth to keep a car cooler:

  • Hold a sealed ice pack in front of the air vents to circulate colder air throughout the car
  • Use clips or clamps to attach a damp washcloth near the top of the vents
  • Freeze rags ahead of time for an extra boost of coldness
  • Fill a plastic pan with ice and leave it by the floor vents
  • Put ice cubes in a thermos container with the lid open and leave it on the floor near the vents

*Do not leave melted ice or wet washcloths in your vehicle as mould or mildew can grow.


4. Cover Your Steering Wheel and Dash

Just as covering your windows with sun shades can keep your car cooler without AC, steering wheel and dashboard covers work too.

Dashboard Covers reduce the amount of sunlight that can enter your car, decreasing its interior temperature. Steering wheel covers prevent the steering wheel from becoming unbearably hot when you touch it.


5. Open Your Windows

Before you get in your car in the summer, head out 5 minutes before and open the windows a couple of inches. This will help some of that hot interior air escape before getting in.

Leaving your car windows slightly open while driving helps circulate fresh air and keep the interior cooler.

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6. Choose Shady Parking Spaces

When possible, opt for parking spaces that are in the shade. Even if you have to park a little farther away, parking in the shade can keep your car significantly cooler.


7. Consider the Sun’s Orientation

Along with choosing shady parking spaces, pay attention to the sun’s orientation. If you are choosing a parking spot for the night, park your car facing west if possible. This will prevent the sun from blazing onto the windshield in the morning.


8. Drive During Cooler Times of the Day

If your schedule allows, schedule your traveling for cooling times of the day. When possible, avoid driving during the mid-afternoon when the sun is hottest and temperatures are highest.


9. Use the Car Doors as Fans

If you need to quickly cool your car down before getting in, open the driver’s side and head around to the passenger side. Open the passenger’s side door and quickly open and close the door to help force hot air out of the vehicle.


10. Buy A Dashboard Fan

Buying a dashboard fan can be a simple, cost-effective way to keep a car cool without AC. These compact fans can be powered with a USB port, 12-volt outlet, or even solar.


Let Our Specialists At Shevron Auto Help You Keep Your Car Cool and Comfortable This Summer

Whether your car has aircon or not, investing in a sunshade is one of the best ways to keep your car cool. Along with a sun shade, a dashboard cover, a car fan, and parking in the shade are effective ways to keep your car cooler without AC.

For more ways to keep your car cool and comfortable, talk with our specialists at Shevron Auto.

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