Our Extensive Car Protection Parts Product Range

Sometimes even the best vehicles need a little help to maintain performance, comfort, and appearance. That is where Shevron can help you.

We are a family-owned and operated business, and we opened our doors in 1988. Check out our range to see which of our quality car protection products will help you get the most out of your vehicle.


Bug Screens

Bug ScreensHaving your radiator clogged with bugs, grass, and bits of debris is maddening. It can also reduce your radiator’s ability to work correctly. Over time, this could lead to costly repairs.

At Shevron, we design and manufacture high-quality bug screens to keep your radiator free from annoying insects. The heavy-duty screens will protect your radiator and keep it running smoothly for years.

Our Western Australian-made bug screens will fit cars, 4-wheel drive vehicles, and commercial rigs. One quick measurement is all you need is a quick measurement to see what will fit your car or truck. Our items come in four sizes:

  • ISS1 screen is 65 x 50 cm
  • ISS1 screen is 85 x 50 cm
  • ISS3 screen is 100 x 51 cm
  • ISS4 screen is 100 x 60 cm

Shevron’s bug screen installs quickly and easily so you can be on your way free from worrying about radiator clogs.


Transmission Console Cover

Console CoverYour vehicle transmission console cover endures a good bit of wear and tear during the life of your car or truck.

Not only is it subject to continuous gear shifting, but it also must bear constant exposure to the sun. Additionally, the console is often where spills and crumbs collect, especially if you have little ones or are someone who frequently eats or has beverages in their car.

To help extend the life of your transmission console cover as well as the look of your car interior, Shevron makes console covers (also called caddies) that will help keep your car tidy.

The Shevron caddy has a unique design that not only protects your car interior; it also adds to your comfort and the versatility of your car. The covers are a soft yet durable material, and the Shevron transmission console cover also adds storage space near the driver’s seat. The extra space is ideal for your mobile phone or iPad. You also have a convenient place to store smaller items such as keys, work ID badges, or pens.

Shevron built versatility into their caddy. Spaces are cut into the caddy to give access to USB ports or a transmission shifter. The caddy will fit securely in your car and is available in several sizes for your ordering convenience. Shevron caddies will fit various makes and models of vehicles.


Dashmate Dashboard Covers

Dashboard CoversThe moulded dashboard of your car takes constant abuse from the unrelenting sun, especially during the hot summer months. The sun damage often takes form in cracking and fading, causing your vehicle to look old and shoddy before its time.

Shevron designers found a way to add beauty to the dashboard area of your car while protecting it and keeping it clean.

Created from a revolutionary fabric called Ultimat®, the Dashmate Dashboard cover will adhere to the shape of your dashboard without a hard backing. Additionally, the fabric allows for evaporation of moisture. This reduces damage to the dash because the material had an opportunity to breathe. You will also find that the Dashmate eliminates unpleasant glare from the sun.

Shevron offers the Dashmate Dashboard cover to fit various models and makes including passenger vehicles, 4WDs, and commercial transports. Shevron stands behind the Dashmate Dashboard cover with its Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee.


Seat Mate Custom Seat Covers

Seat CoversYou know how easily your auto’s seats become soiled. Just one mishap with a cup of coffee or a muddy pet hopping in the car and you have a mess. Shevron has a perfect way to keep your seats clean as well as protect them from rips and sun damage.

Seat Mate custom seat covers come to you from our factory in Western Australia and feature incorporation of quality materials along with computerized design precision. The result is an attractive and durable seat cover that will protect your vehicle for years.

With the Seat Mate cover, Shevron presented Safe Seam Airbag Deployment Technology (SSADT). The technology enhances your safety as it makes it possible for cars equipped with side-impact airbags to deploy safely. This is especially helpful for autos that have side airbags fitted in the seats because it does not hinder the airbag passage through the seam of the seat cover.

The Seat Mate comes in a variety of sizes and can fit passenger cars, trucks, and vans as well as commercial vehicles. And like our auto accessories, we stand behind the Seat Mate car seat cover.


Window Sox Sun Shades

Window Sox Sun ShadesIt is no secret that the brilliant Australian sunshine delivers unrelenting heat that can feel magnified inside a car. In addition to the temperature being uncomfortable for you and your passengers, the UV rays can reach you through the vehicle’s windows.

The sun can cause a great deal of damage to your car interior, bringing issues such as:

  • Fading
  • Cracking
  • Premature ageing of materials
  • Melting items left in the car
  • Scorching

Shevron created Window Sox Sun Shades to protect your car and those who ride in it. The mesh material is fine enough to allow for window movement. At the same time, the sun shades block 80% of the sun’s UV rays.

The sox install on your car in minutes and clean easily. We offer the Window Sox Sun Shades in numerous sizes made to fit many makes and models of vehicles.


Baby Days Products

Baby Days Seat Back ProtectorAt Shevron, we care about the comfort and safety of your family, and we carry many top-of-the-line car accessories for your youngest passengers.

The Collection of Baby Days products are among our most popular items. The gear is functional, durable, and can give you peace of mind. The Baby Days shades are a fine breathable mesh that allows air to pass in and out as it blocks UV rays. The selection of seat covers and carry-alls are durable and designed for maximum storage and ease of use.

Shevron offers a wide selection of products to help you enjoy your baby’s days with ease and comfort.

The Baby Days product line includes:

  • Porta Cot Shades
  • Pram Shades
  • Seatback organiser
  • Seat covers
  • Stroller Bags
  • Under mats


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