How to Buy the Best Bug Screen for Your Car

How to choose the perfect bug screen

Potholes, rocks, and flying debris can damage your car. Most people, however, do not think about insects when protecting their vehicles.

These bugs can wreak havoc if you don’t pay attention. They are known to mess with the grille and even hurt engine components, including your radiator. That’s why you need a bug screen.

Bug screens are exactly what you think they are. These screens keep bugs away from your vehicle. But they don’t work just for insects; they can also keep foreign objects from reaching the interior parts of the car.

This buyer’s guide will allow you to discern the difference between a poor and good quality bug screen. Of course, we will discuss how to choose the most suitable product by listing the qualities that you should look for.

So, without further ado, let’s start.


1.) The Bug Screen Should Do What It is Supposed to Do

We have already mentioned what a bug screen does for you. It mainly protects your car grille from insects, such as beetles and flying ants. Without this protection, the radiator of the vehicle can get blocked and will cause it to overheat.


2.) The Product Should Be of Good Quality

Considering the details above, the bug screen can only do its job when it is designed to be reliable and durable. Insects may be tiny, but they can slowly damage your car without you knowing. A dependable bug screen will keep the bugs out for you for years, allowing you to reuse it several times whenever you need to.

Durability is necessary. You do not want to use a screen that will fail in just a few weeks. If you like to go camping or even driving around at night, the durability of the product should be one of your first concerns. Choose an insect screen made of heavy-duty mesh with additional reinforcement. This combination gives you confidence that the screen will remain tough and strong.


3.) It Should Be Easy to Install

A good bug screen should not be too difficult to install; otherwise, it would not be worth much to you. Check the exterior mounting hardware. It should be simple enough to understand so that you can swap out your screens when required.

Installation should be as simple as attaching the screen to the grille and detaching it quickly. As much as possible, pick a bug screen that does not need you to drill for mounting. After all, no one wants to drill a hole in their vehicle.

Finally, check that the accessory meets the original specifications of your car. It should be designed to suit most standard grilles. If it does, chances are, it will fit yours without any issues.


4.) The Bug Screen Should Not Affect the Aesthetics of Your Car

No car owner would like to dress up their car with something hideous. Many people fear the word “screens” because they believe these products are not attractive at all. Sure, they protect the vehicle, but most car owners would rather go without them if these screens are unsightly.

Bug screen for your vehicle

The good news is that they do not look ugly at all. These screens are carefully built with their appearance in mind. These screens match your car’s aesthetics without being too flashy that they stand out.


DIY vs Professionally-Designed Bug Screens

Instructions on how to make a DIY insect screen are all over the Internet. Just Google them, and you’ll find ways to cut your own bug screen. Compared to professionally-designed screens, the only advantage of a DIY insect screen is that it is cheaper. You probably do not have to buy the materials since you probably have them lying around your home. But that’s about it.

On the other hand, a professionally-designed screen means that you have to buy it from a reputable merchant. But a good quality cover can last for a long time. DIYs rarely last, so you have to either repair it or make a new one. In the end, you did not save money at all. Instead of trying to save, opt for a reusable bug screen offered by pros.


Do You Need a Bug Screen for Your Car?

The short answer to this question is “yes.” No matter what time of the year you plan to drive around at night, whether you’re going camping or even for work, you need a reliable insect screen for your car. Protect the car engine with an effective shield that will not let you down come rain or shine.

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