6 Benefits of Car Seat Covers

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Seat covers used to be notorious for being bulky and unappealing.

Fortunately, custom seat covers offer numerous advantages without the risk of the covers bunching up or shifting out of place.

Here’s a look at 6 benefits of custom seat covers and why they make a great addition to any vehicle.


6 Benefits of Seat Covers

1. Protection Against Rips, Tears, and Stains

Whether your vehicle is new or used, a car is a big investment. Seat covers are an easy, budget-friendly way to protect your purchase and help reduce car depreciation.

Seat covers are incredibly effective at protecting the upholstery from stains, tears, rips, or other damage. A quality seat cover will also protect your car seats from fading due to UV damage.

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2. Spill Defence

No matter how careful you are, there’s a good chance you’ve had some sort of spill in your vehicle. Whether it’s a splash of coffee on the seat or a leaky juice box, spills are inevitable.

Seat covers provide superior protection against spills and keep the seats underneath looking and functioning like new.


3. Protection Against Wear and Tear

Any time you get in and out of your vehicle, you unknowingly place a good deal of stress on the seat fabric.

The constant friction that occurs when you get in and out, shift in your seat, or place items on the seats can eventually weaken the seat material and lead to damage. Seat covers prevent the stress of friction from damaging the material underneath.



4. Give New Life to Old Seats

Looking to give your older vehicle a makeover? Adding custom seat covers will instantly refresh your car and make a noticeable impact. If your older seats have rips, stains, or damage, seat covers instantly conceal them to help your old car look new again.

Gone are the days of bulky, bunched-up seat covers that looked messy and cheap. Now, you can opt for custom seat covers that fit your seats perfectly and create a sleek, clean, modern look.

Along with looking better, seat covers can add a much-needed layer of extra cushioning to older seats, helping your vehicle feel more comfortable. It can be especially helpful for reducing discomfort on your thighs, hips, and back when driving over bumpy terrain or on longer trips.

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5. Enhanced Comfort

You can choose custom seat covers with a variety of comfort advantages. For instance, if you run hot, opt for seat covers with cooling technology. If you have back issues, you can pick a seat cover with extra lumbar support.


6. Easy Maintenance

Caring for seat covers is simple! We recommend slipping off the seat covers at least once every few months and laundering them according to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

Of course, in the event of a spill, wipe it up immediately and launder it if needed. Between laundering, vacuum your car at least once every few weeks to remove crumbs, sand, dirt, and debris.

Seat mate car seat cover.


Types of Seat Covers

There are two main types of seat covers: universal seat covers and custom seat covers.

  • Universal seat covers are designed to fit over the seats of a broad range of vehicle makes and models.
  • Custom seat covers are made specifically to the dimensions of the make, model, and year of your vehicle. This ensures the perfect fit and maximum protection for your car’s seats.

Both universal and custom seat covers can be easily installed and removed to clean as needed. However, custom seat covers offer superior fit and better protection against damage.


How to Choose a Seat Cover

Here are tips on how to choose a seat cover that looks good, fits your budget, and complements your vehicle’s interior.

  • You can choose a seat cover that matches the existing upholstery in your vehicle, pick the material you like most, or purposely choose a material that contrasts with the current upholstery. You can choose a material based on how comfortable you find it or just how it looks. Material options include faux leather, neoprene, polyester, vinyl, and more.
  • If you want the best fit and highest protection, go for a custom seat cover to ensure it fits seamlessly over your seats. This also prevents any gaps, shifting, or wrinkled areas and makes sure no portions of the seat underneath are exposed and susceptible to damage.
  • Choose a waterproof seat cover, especially if you travel with kids or pets or spend time at the beach


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