Everything You Need to Know about Dashboard Covers

Are you planning to dress up your dashboard? If so, you have a significant number of options when it comes to dashboard covers. However, not all are up to par.

Also known as dash mats, a dashboard cover is quite a hot topic amongst vehicle owners. Some say you need them; some say you don’t. But what is the truth? This blog is where you can find the answers to common questions you may have regarding dashboard covers.

So, let us begin with the most obvious.


Is a Dashboard Cover a Necessary Car Accessory?

If you have ever seen an old car, one of the things that you will easily notice is the worn dashboard. You will agree that it affects the overall look of the interior. And you probably think that the car owner does not have any clue in maintaining the car.

Believe it or not, a car dashboard cover is essential. Installing one is an integral part of keeping the look and functionality of the car interior. It offers multiple benefits, including protection against sun damage. Perth has an average of 265 days with sun, 144 of which are quite sunny.

Just like your skin, your car’s dashboard also suffers from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Think of the covers like your long sleeves, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen all in one. Without dashboard covers, the dashboard material will fade, turning into a different, usually lighter and less appealing colour. When this happens, your dashboard will look out of place. It’s simply not attractive.

Additionally, covering the dashboard will prevent fissures. Some people may argue that the cracks are almost invisible, so there is no need for a dash mat. However, Perth’s summer months are typically unforgiving. Within a year or less, you will find that there are already signs of wear.

Another reason why you should not go without a dashboard cover is to prevent stains. Admit it; you eat and drink in your car. Spills can quickly make your car look dirty. The dash mat is easy to clean and can even repel certain liquids and stains. That is one less thing to worry about, especially if you have kids or share rides with other people who like to prop their feet up.

Finally, dashboard covers are ultra-cheap. You get all the benefits mentioned without spending a considerable sum of money. Plus, it is so easy to install that you can do it yourself. There is no need to read several pages of instructions, and you can get it done within minutes.


Dashboard Covers vs Airbags: What’s the Truth?

Now, let us discuss why some people think that dashboard covers should be skipped altogether. According to some car owners, dashboard covers are dangerous. Although it is generally an unsubstantiated claim, many believe that these dash mats affect the effectiveness of airbags. Instead of deploying correctly in case of a car crash, dashboard covers interfere with the process.

We are dealing with a scary case since airbags are crucial in preventing severe injuries during an accident. So, the question now is whether or not this is true. We cannot speak for all dashboard covers in the market. However, if you choose a good quality product from a reputable manufacturer, the deployment of airbags should not be a problem.

Dashboard covers are legally required to ensure they do not interfere with airbag operations. Poor quality mats – even those that you may think will upgrade the look of your car interior – are usually improperly constructed. To save money and give you a cheap product, the design will not meet the standards. While the law is strict when it comes to airbag operations, there are no legalities that stop you from buying a poor-quality and ill-fitting dash mat to save some cash.

Pick a dashboard cover that does not interfere with airbag deployment. Properly constructed, quality dash mats are designed to open or give way to the airbag, so they do not hurt you. We caution you, however, when it comes to putting any objects on the mat.

Dash Mate Dashboard Covers


What about Heat Reduction Inside the Car?

This is especially important to know if you often drive your car and park it somewhere that offers little to no shade. Dashboard covers are an excellent way to lower the temperature inside the car.

Many dashboards are made of plastic, vinyl, or leather. These materials quickly absorb and retain heat. When you enter the car, you will immediately feel the intense heat. Turning up the air conditioner will surely help, but it can take a while for you to feel more comfortable. Additionally, the aircon system will work harder due to the high temperature in the car.

Installing a dashboard cover is the solution. This product uses fabrics, suede, velour, fleece, and other materials that lower heat retention. And as a bonus, dashboard covers do not just reduce heat inside the car; they also help you combat glare and reflection. That’s another benefit that amplifies the safety of the driver and passengers.


How about Adding Accessories to the Dashboard Cover?

One of the popular questions regarding dashboard covers relates to accessories that can and cannot be added. Most people, however, are interested in installing a dashcam. If you already have a dashboard cover, will you still be able to use a dashcam? Should you be worried about marks? You are allowed to add different accessories, depending on the dash mat you have. Certain covers make it simple to install and use other accessories, such as dashcams and speakers. Others do not allow these things because they can damage the cover.

That is why we suggest that you carefully choose your dashboard cover. It’s the key to unlocking all the benefits of a dashboard mat. A good cover will offer more protection for the accessories you install. For example, even though the dash mat may cover them, your speakers will not have any sound distortion. Plus, covering this part of the car will help prevent sun damage, which can swiftly break down speaker materials.

Mats can also be cut if they do not fit your dashboard set-up properly. It’s a great way for you to cover anything on the dashboard, including climate control, alarm, or automatic headlight sensors.



Dashboard Cover Maintenance: What are the Best Ways?

Now that you have decided to purchase a dash mat, you may be wondering how to maintain it. Here’s the good news: cleaning or protecting your dashboard cover is pretty straightforward.

If the dashboard cover comes with Velcro straps, be sure to handle them properly. Generally, these hooks are pressure-sensitive, so they will react when you press on them. The straps can get worn quickly if you keep moving or repositioning them. That’s why we recommend that you carefully stick them down and try not to move them once they are attached. If you need to remove the Velcro straps, make sure to clean the surface before getting the adhesive back.

Cleaning the dashboard is essential so that the Velcro will stick and reach its peak strength within 24 to 48 hours. You can use cleaning alcohol to remove remnants from the previous adhesive from the dash. If the leftover glue does not seem to budge, you can try using wax, tar, a specific silicone remover. For the safest solution, read your vehicle’s manual.

To enjoy your dash mat for its entire lifespan, you should not use any strong product when cleaning. If you have spilt some drinks or food, you should spot clean it right away. Again, avoid a heavy-duty carpet cleaner. All you need is water when blotting away the blemish. Use a vacuum after spot cleaning to quickly dry the surface.

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