How to Protect the Top 5 Cars Purchased in Australia the Shevron Way

Popular Cars in Australia

There is no doubt about it, Australia is a nation on the move. It makes perfect sense to get out and about when there are so many great places to see and things to discover.

According to the website Carsales, Australia has one of (if not the most) competitive markets for new cars. A total of 450 different car models are a part of the buying options. Additionally, the buyers in today’s market are increasingly savvy and much less brand-loyal than the buyers of yesteryear.

So, in a country with the highest per-capita rates of auto ownership on the planet, what tops the list of favourites? Here are the top five Aussie-owned cars.


1. Toyota Hilux

When it comes to dual-cab utes, it is almost impossible to stack up to the Toyota HiLux. Toyota combines a state-of-the-art entertainment system with a rugged suspension and a tireless 2.8L engine. Add a great-looking interior and responsiveness, and you have a truck that is about as close to perfect as possible.


2. Ford Ranger

Ford took a great vehicle and made it even better when it added impressive high-tech features to this rugged and sporty truck. A great infotainment system is just one of the many features that buyers of the Ranger get to enjoy. A quiet and comfortable ride and a powerful engine make the Ranger adaptable. This truck can go from a night out in the city to a day hauling supplies without missing a beat.


3. Toyota Corolla

Do not let the Corolla’s reputation for affordability and practicality trick you. Toyota packs comfort, style, and responsiveness to spare into this popular auto. Intelligent standard features help give the Toyota Corolla a high safety as well.


4. Mitsubishi Triton

When it comes to safety, power, and reliability, the Mitsubishi Triton checks all of the boxes and then some. The Triton is nothing short of a beast as it excels in towing, hauling, and transport in both on and off-road situations. At the same time, it is exceptionally quiet and comfortable.


5. Hyundai I30

The i30, by Hyundai, is small when compared to some of the utes on the top-five list. However, the i30 is a six-time winner of Australia’s Best Car award. It blends responsive sportiness with reliability and fuel efficiency. It is easy to see why the i30 by Hyundai is an Australian favourite.

The Hyundai i30


How Shevron Can Help

Your vehicle is a significant investment, and keeping it looking great and running well is essential. Shevron has a complete line of accessories that will enhance your comfort while protecting your investment.

  • Window Sox – Our Window Sox Sunshades are a must-have for anyone who must drive any sort of distance in the Australian sunshine. The window sox conform easily to your windows and absorb more than 80 per cent of the sun’s UV rays. This keeps your passengers cool and safe while also saving your vehicle’s interior.
  • Dash Mate Dashboard Covers – These dash mats are essential to protect your dash from fading and cracking due to sun. Additionally, the material conforms to your dash and can absorb odours to keep your car smelling fresh.
  • Console Covers – Keeping your car clean and organized is easy with our console covers. The soft material prevents console cracking and fading. Our design also adds space to hold cell phones, pens, notebooks, and other useful items.
  • Seat Mate Seat Covers – We design our Seat Mate covers for maximum protection. Your car’s interior will look great, and the original material will be safe from fading and cracking. The construction of the seat covers allows for deployment of the car’s airbags as well.
  • Bug Screens – Also called radiator protection screens, our durable covers keep you engine clean and free from debris that can block your radiator and cause your car to overheat.

Regardless of the vehicle you choose, make sure to give your car or truck the care and protection that it deserves. Contact Shevron and see the full line of accessories to extend your car’s life and experience the joy of driving.