What You Don’t Know About Heat Can Hurt Your Car

Heat Can Hurt Your Car

When summer begins to draw near, there are plenty of details that need your attention. Many of your summer concerns revolve around good things like plans for a holiday or buying enough sunscreen for all of your upcoming outdoor adventures.

However, an often-overlooked part of planning for warmer days is protecting your car from the impact of extreme heat.

You are likely familiar with the sensation of opening your car door on a summer afternoon and being hit with something akin to a blast furnace. Additionally, you have probably grabbed your steering wheel only to regret it moments after feeling the searing heat. Although temporarily inconvenient for you, prolonged exposure to heat and sun can do significant damage to your car interior.


How Hot is the Interior of My Car?

Many people are surprised by not only how hot the inside of there car gets but by how quickly the temperature rises. A study in the UK made some eye-opening findings.

  • If the air temperature is 24C, a car left in the sun will have an interior temperature of 38C within just ten minutes. The same vehicle will have an internal temperature of 50C within a half hour.
  • If the air temperature is in the lower 30s, the inside of a car can reach 60C in 15 minutes
  • The dashboard of a car can reach a temperature of 80C in less than half of an hour if the outside air temperature is 33C in as little as 15 minutes


How Will These Extreme Temperatures Affect the Inside of My Car?

While it is true that your vehicle can withstand extremes in both heat and cold, prolonged exposure to extreme elements, some of the results of high temperatures include:

  • Fading and cracking of dashboards
  • Damage to the consul or caddy
  • Steering wheel cracking
  • Upholstery damage frequently is in the form of fading or cracking


What Products Can I Use to Protect My Car From Heat and Sun Damage?

Fortunately, Shevron Auto Accessories is prepared to help guard your car from summer damage. These products are designed and made in Australia, so you can be sure that typical Australian conditions are part of the designing process.


Using a Dash Mate is one of the many ways to protect your vehicle's interior
Using a Dash Mate is one of the many ways to protect your vehicle’s interior from the heat.


  • Dash Mate Dashboard Covers – The best way to safeguard a car dashboard is with Shevron’s Dash Mate. We make our dash protectors from Ultimat®. This fabric conforms to the dash and has no hard backing material. Because Ultimat® is breathable, moisture will not build up between the dash and the cover.
  • Window Sox Sun Shades – Our revolutionary mesh window covering slides and car window shades over your car windows to block the sun and protect your upholstery and personal belongings from damage. Window SOX® are also an excellent protective product to use while driving. They block 80 per cent of harmful UV rays, so your backseat passengers are safe and comfortable.
  • Console Covers – Our specially designed console covers are durable, soft, and easy to use. You will not need to worry about sun damage while a console cover is in place. Your console is also safe from spills and stains with the cover. We make these covers to do more than protect your car; the covers have storage for your cell phone, sunglasses, and other small items to keep them within reach.
  • Seat Mate Seat Covers – Protecting your seats from heat and sun is easy with Shevron’s Seat Mate Seat Covers. We manufacture the covers using computer-aided cutting and safe-seam sewing technology, so you will get a perfect fit and side airbags can deploy when necessary. The Seat Mates come in fabric or sturdy canvas material and will fit like a glove. In addition to guarding against sun damage, Seat Mates Seat Covers are an ideal way to keep your vehicle interior clean and eliminate rips or tears of the upholstery.

Regardless of your vehicle, Shevron Auto Accessories has the products you need, delivered to your door at no extra cost. Make sure you don’t waste one precious moment of summer fretting about sun or heat damage, contact Shevron Auto Accessories and get on the road to the best summer ever.