10 Best Accessories for Small Cars

car with seat storage

Large vehicles continue dominating our roads, especially with a lot of people shifting from sedans to SUVs. But small cars are still trendy – and for many good reasons. They provide easy parking, better fuel economy, and are fun to drive with their quick acceleration feature. Most small cars are loaded with tech, as well.

Even better, there are plenty of opportunities to dress up and upgrade your car. Buying accessories for your vehicle is exciting but don’t get carried away. You want to choose extras that are actually useful and add value to your car. After all, you have limited space, compared to big vans and SUVs. This post will help you decide which extras to purchase to help save space, organise items, and keep the vehicle cool and comfortable.

Here are the best accessories you can buy for small cars:

  • Transmission Console Covers

    If you’re used to a larger vehicle, a small car will definitely feel cramped. You’ll knock something over and even scratch a surface with your keys or other items. But not to worry; you’ve got a centre console to turn to. 

    This storage compartment is right between the front passenger seat and driver’s seat. It’s easily accessible and convenient. However, it’s also prone to wear and tear. That’s where a transmission console cover is for. It protects the transmission control so it does not retain visible marks, which can be quite tricky to get rid of. Dress your car’s console with a quality cover to help it withstand daily abuse.

  • Portable Car Dryers

    You never know when you or a passenger spills liquid on the car seat or anywhere. Drying the vehicle can be quite demanding and takes time. Also, using your hands will only cause smears or scratches. The solution is a car dryer. It projects pressurised air, allowing you to hit the spots equally. Choose a portable dryer, so it does not take space.

  • Dashboard Covers

    A dashboard cover protects your vehicle against the hot sun. Without such protection, your dashboard material can crack. Not only that, sun damage can lead to worn-looking exterior. Dashboard covers can hide existing issues from view until you replace the surface. They’re also used to prevent stains. Installation is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes.

  • Car Air Fresheners

    You have plenty of options in keeping your car smelling fresh: air fresheners, ionisers, and air purifiers. You can even find other deodorising gadgets in the market today. Make sure you know the difference, though. An ioniser can help get rid of odours, sticking them somewhere else where you cannot smell them. However, it will not filter particulates present in the air.

    Fresheners will keep your car fresh by masking the bad smell while purifiers filter the air to eliminate bacteria and allergens. Purifiers can be for the car interior, which you activate by turning on the aircon, heating, or ventilation. They can also be used to filter the engine air, which has nothing to do with the interior air quality of the vehicle.

  • Headrest Hangers

    For the simplest way to organise items, such as bags, wired earphones or headsets, shopping bags, and many others, use headrest hangers. Also known as headrest hooks, these accessories are typically installed at the back of the front or driver seat. Installation is easy because you do not need to remove the headrest.

  • car transmission cover

  • Sun Shades

    Sun shades or windshield shades are beneficial for any car owner. They protect the car’s interior, passengers, and pets from the sun. When choosing a sun shade, always opt for a product that will not restrict the car windows. You should still be able to open them so you can inhale fresh air whenever you want. Also, it should absorb more than 70% of the sun’s UV rays. If you’re driving with children, the sun shades should not easily come off in case they try to remove it.

  • Solar-Powered Vent

    Driving around under the harsh WA sun can be uncomfortable even when you’re inside your car. You can amp your cooling system using a solar-powered vent. This car accessory lets you harness the power of the sun so that it runs the ventilators. However, it can be quite dependent on the sun. Some products require direct sunlight for them to function properly. If you’re out and about on a hot but cloudy day, it may not work.

    Also, mounting the vent may not be suitable for those with tinted windows. If you’re keen on buying a solar-powered vent, look for one that lets you plug it into your car’s power receptacle. Alternatively, just get a car fan, which you can install (and uninstall) into the rear seats.

  • Boot Storage Organisers

    Also called car boot bags, these organisers are incredibly useful for small car owners. They are collapsible, convenient, and suitable for almost all your item-carrying requirements. Get a boot storage organiser to create order inside your vehicle. Clutter will only make your car seem even smaller. Have a bag that keeps all your items in place, so they do not keep slipping around in your boot.

    Pick a car boot bag with large capacity, at least three compartments, and smaller pockets for other items. It should be collapsible with handles so you can carry them with you, too. Check out Shevron’s car seat undermat. It functions exactly like boot bags, and it fits under your child’s car seat. That’s a true space-saver!

  • Neck Pillow

    A long road trip can be such a pain – including neck pains. Being in the car is not always comfortable, especially in your compact car. You need a neck pillow to prevent feeling sore and strained, which happens when you watch the road for some time. Always take a neck pillow with you to improve your riding experience.

    You can select from different types, including the ever-popular U-shaped pillow, along with other options like roll or log-shaped, contour, and neck wrap pillow. When buying, make sure it has an ergonomic design that will give you comfort throughout the ride.

  • Picnic Blankets

    Lunches in the park, joining sporting events, or trips to the beach can sometimes happen without planning. But it doesn’t matter, as long as you have picnic blankets with you. Keep these blankets in your car at all times, so you are always ready to go on any last-minute adventure.

    Choose an easily washable blanket. It also helps if it has a carrying case so that you can store it away without problems. Of course, the bigger the blanket, the better. However, you may want to consider the number of people you usually go out with. Having too big of a blanket may lead to unwanted use of space in your car.

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