Shevron Auto Accessories Australia

Welcome to Shevron Auto Accessories, a Western Australian-owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of quality automotive protection products.


Our auto accessories are designed and manufactured to effectively shield your car against Australia’s extreme weather conditions and everyday wear and tear.


Whether your car is old or new we have you covered – our car accessories can rejuvenate an old and worn interior or protect your existing upholstery. By protecting your vehicle’s interior you are also protecting your investment, ensuring a good resale price if and when you decide to sell.


Shevron Auto Accessories supply the following products:


  • Dash Mate®
  • Seat Covers
  • Window SOX®
  • Baby Days Collection


The Shevron Dash MATE®, Seat Covers and Window SOX® are all designed specifically for use in Australia’s extreme conditions and can be custom fitted to your car.


Please browse our range online, or contact us for more information on standard and custom-fit products.